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Homeward Bound Home Inspections

Celebrating Over 25 Years
Home Inspection Excellence

 In 1986 American Inspection Inc. was founded by Dan Wood.  His architectural background and years of building experience were a perfect fit for the then budding home inspection industry.  His intentions were to keep the company a one man show but the demand Dan created by offering a level of service and professionalism not witnessed in the home inspection industry prompted him to bring on other inspectors. Two of his earliest hires were his sons Bob and Bill who run the company today.

 By 1991 Dan grew his company into Michigan’s largest home inspection company.  Dan’s philosophy was service based and he often said, "Service starts from the time the phone rings.” He created an office staff that understood the importance of customer service. He put together a team of inspectors that were both knowledgeable in home construction and had the personality to communicate inspection findings to all involved in the home buying experience.

 Throughout the 90’s Dan was often asked to consider franchising his company.  Although he found the possible financial rewards intriguing he feared that with less control of franchises quality would suffer and ultimately his name was still on every inspection.  When he finally put the idea to rest he proudly proclaimed “We will be the un-franchise.”

 Next came the national companies.  Dan was never very interested in selling his company.  For starters it was a family owned company and neither he nor his boys wanted to loose family ownership control.  The thought of the phone being answered by some call center on the other side of the world did not sit well with Dan.  “We are a local based family business; everybody here has a sense of community and the people we are privileged to work for will always be a phone call away from the top.”

 In 1998 a difficult decision was made. Due to American Inspections dominance in the market place many other companies were emerging with peculiarly similar names.  As a simple test Dan called information 5 times to get his own company’s phone number and all 5 times the number given was to a smaller company with a similar name.  This prompted the name change to Homeward Bound Home Inspections.

Early 2000 brought the untimely death of Dan Wood.  As he planned however, it did not mark the end of his great company.  His boys, Bob and Bill, carry on the ideals instilled in them from birth and expect nothing less from those who work with them.

Bob and Bill took ownership in stride and Bill ironically states, “It’s hard to find time to look back, we make time, our past will predict our future.  It’s about the people we work with and the people we work for.  Everybody here understands the excitement and stress involved in home buying.  Our job is to help make the process a lot less stressful and in the end perhaps, the home a little happier.”

One thing the boys have done is embraced technology.  Homeward Bound's report is, as always, delivered on site.  Now however the report is computerized with digital photos.  Bob spear headed the search to find and develop the next reporting system and confidently stated, “Our reporting system produces the most clear and concise report in the industry.”  The report itself is more user friendly than past check lists/narrative reporting systems and for out of town clients is just a mouse click away.

 Since 1986 Homeward Bound has set the standard for excellence for home inspections.  When asked, what best marks your success; Bob and Bill have very different answers that are profoundly similar. 

 Bob states that “It's the people we work with.  I came on board in 1988; my name was on the scheduling board just below a guy named Dick Hemming.  Here we are some 18 yrs later and that Hemming guy's name is still above mine, although now retired.  Vince Esteban started inspecting homes about the same time as Bill, 1990.  He also is still here inspecting homes.  That’s 4 guys with a combined 68 years of inspection experience.  Add the rest of the guys and that number closes in on 100 years of experience.  Everybody here is still passionate about all that we do.  The most impressive buildings sit on strong foundations, my company’s foundation is the people that work here."

 Bill concurs whole heartedly with his brother but adds “let’s not forget about the people we work for.  Since 86 we have completed over 60,000 home inspections in S-E Michigan.  That’s a lot of houses, but more importantly, that’s a lot of families we have touched.  It is also safe to say we have helped in the successes of the people who have referred us as much as they have helped ours.  Every day the people I work for give compliments to the people I work with.  Sometimes it’s a simple 'boy who ever answers your phone sure knows her stuff ' to a more specific 'I was on an inspection with Vince Esteban last week, he really takes the time to explain things.'  I would have to say it’s having the respect of our customers for 25 years that best marks our success.”

 It is quite clear that Homeward Bound Home Inspection is a 21st century company, putting people first.  The entire company looks forward to the next 25 years of home inspections.  There is no doubt that they will be there,
"Helping People Find Their Way Home".


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